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Our Podcast

We are finally getting our podcast off the ground! This podcast is to celebrate and honor our heroes. We want you to know who they are, what they do and why they do it. When we need help at our worst moments, these are the people who answer the call. Or when our country faces a threat, these are the people who protect us. Our mission is to make sure we are always appreciating the under-appreciated and offering any help we can to those who may need it. You will hear stories, experiences, laughter, tears - all of it. These are raw conversations with no boundaries, and that's how we want it. If one of our service people are struggling, we want them to know they aren't alone, they are not weak and it's okay to not be okay. By hearing others share experiences, we hope that someone is able to find peace, realize it's okay to seek help, and/or maybe even save a life. We are excited to honor our community heroes and share their stories with you. And along the way we hope to help as many struggling people as possible, but even if we only help one person - it's worth it. If you are someone who is struggling, you're not alone. Reach out to us and we will assist you in finding the help you deserve.

Our first guest was our good friend Scott Little who was nice enough to be our guinea pig. Scott talks to us about his time serving in the Marines, currently still serving in the Air National Guard, and his career as a fire fighter including his current role as the Fire Chief in Manheim Township. Please tune in and listen to his story. He has dedicated his life to service, to his country, and community. Thank you, Scott!

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